S. Mickey Good (10/13/1933~4/9/2007)  

Grottoes Rescue Squad: 1967 to 2007  

Outstanding Service


In March of 1967 Mickey Good was one of a small group of men that founded the Grottoes Rescue Squad. They began with a 1959 Ambulance that they retrieved from a salvage yard for $150.00. In 2007 Mickey Good was still serving the Grottoes Rescue Squad as an Active Lifetime Member and a Member of the Board of Directors.

  You are loved and missed

S. Mickey Good (10/13/1933~4/9/2007)  

In Memory Of...

Gone, but not forgotten!

  • Jessica Shifflett: Lifetime Member

  • Alton "DOC" Dean: Lifetime Member

  • Carl Wood: Lifetime Member

  • Bob Miller: Lifetime Member

  • Devin McClure: Honorary Member

  • Jameson Lam: Honorary Member




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